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About the project
About the project

The idea of creation of an internet resource which has to represent a higher educational institution of international relations and oriental studies in the World Wide Web as well as to become a communication forum for alumni, students, faculty and staff was favored by a group of alumni and faculty on occasion of the 15th anniversary of the institute.

Many international relations specialists have graduated from this institute during past years. All of them allured by the profession have gone to the different parts of the world. They gain invaluable experience, grow professionally and personally, become interesting personalities and masters of their professions. Everyone has its own way but all of them are always united by that knowledge, ideals, aspirations, and friendships founded during study at the institute. These people always have what to tell each other. This internet resource is aimed to be a place for contact restoration, communication, discussions, ideas exchange, and new projects development.

If you are lured by the wind of far travels, oriental exotics, new experience and unexpected encounters, we invite you to join our community of international relations experts and Orientalists.

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